[EN] macOS keyboard shortcuts in Windows 10

This guide is old, new, and updated here: https://medium.com/@kasemartin96/en-macos-keyboard-shortcuts-in-windows-10-powertoys-900a7f61a872

Download and install:

AutoHotKey - https://www.autohotkey.com/

SharpKeys - https://github.com/randyrants/sharpkeys/releases

We need to setup AutoHotKey to start as an Administrator. Go to (Win+R) and paste C:\Program Files\AutoHotkey. Here find AutoHotkey. Then right-click and properties. Go to the “Compatibility” tab and select run as Administrator, then click OK.


Now open SharpKey and set “Left Ctrl to Left Alt (or Win)” and “Left Alt (or Win) to Left Ctrl” and then “Write to Registry” and restart your pc.


We have Copy, Paste, Alt+W, and others mapped the same as in macOS, but our Alt+Tab (or Win) does not work. We need to create an AutoHotKey script for that.

Open Documents folder and right-click, select new and “AutoHotKey Script.” Now right-click again and select edit. And paste this:

`" ^Tab::
Send {Alt down}{Tab}
Keywait Control
Send {Alt up}

^q::Send !{F4}
^m::WinMaximize, A `"

This will allow Alt+Tab to work again and add Alt+Q (Quit) and Alt+M (Maximize) shortcuts.

Now save, and double click the script. It will start the AutoHotKey app. Now, after everything works, we need to add this script to startup.

Go to (Win+R) and paste: %appdata%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

Now just right click -> New -> Shortcut and find you .ahk (AutoHotKey Script) we created and save shortcut.

And that’s all, and you can add your shortcuts if you miss any same way as we did. I hope it helps.

Martin Kaše

237 Words

2020-05-31 16:39 +0000